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Our Philosophy

We call it artifical immersion

Up to daily 1-on-1 lessons with one of our handpicked premium tutors plus a dedicated texting partner. It's like living in a Spanish-speaking country without ever leaving home.

The best tutors

We don't hire just anyone. Our tutor's first priority is getting to know you and your spanish goals. From there we will craft a personalized lesson plan.

Take up to a class per day

Our classes are flexible to fit your busy schedule. You can schedule up to one 30 minute or 1 hour class per day.

Dedicated texting partner

Our artifical immersion program encourages continous learning. You'll receive a texting partner to chat with in Spanish so your learning never stops.

Make progress quickly

Our curriculum focuses on getting you conversational fast. We cut out the fluff and hone in on what you would actually need if you wanted to live and get by abroad.

Why Choose Us?

Our Teachers are the difference

Find teachers you love and book with them anytime you want. All our teachers are handpicked members of the Language Blend team. Our teachers are: fluent in English and native in Spanish, have either obtained or are actively pursuing a language degree, and are fun and personable.

Our Team

A session won’t feel like studying but like a chat with a friend

All of our tutors first put an emphasis on the relationship that they have with you. Our extremely selective hiring process puts personability as the most important quality a tutor can have.


Make real progress from the comfort of your own home

Language schools have bloated outdated curriculums. Skip the pointless memorizations and learn faster with native teachers online via Zoom.

What makes us different?

You will only commit to learning a language if you are enjoying the process.

We constructed our method with this in mind. Our one on one Spanish classes help you achieve your goals in a relaxed and fun environment. Get the attention you need to learn quickly and get more out of every lesson.

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  • The best, most personable tutors from around the world
  • Dedicated texting partner
  • Optimized to get you from total beginner to conversational
  • Flexible scheduling
  • Take up to daily 30 min - 1 hour classes

Being fully bootstrapped, we're not driven by money or interested in becoming a unicorn. We happily cut through the noise and teach to actually get you fluent, taking a 100% learn-by-doing approach. ❤️

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